National Reptile Awareness Day is marked annually on Oct. 21 to promote education, conservation and appreciation for these animals.

It is not known when the day was first celebrated. However, according to Days of the Year, it was created by a group of reptile enthusiasts who aimed at changing the public image of these scaly creatures.

Here are some quotes, courtesy AZ Quotes, to share on this day:

1. "Reptiles and amphibians are sometimes thought of as primitive, dull and dimwitted. In fact, of course, they can be lethally fast, spectacularly beautiful, surprisingly affectionate and very sophisticated." – David Attenborough

2. "Love is like a reptile, you cut off its tail and it grows another one." – Will Christopher Baer

3. "Remarkable places are like the summits of rocks; eagles and reptiles only can get there." – Suzanne Curchod

4. "The kiss originated when the first male reptile licked the first female reptile, implying in a subtle way that she was as succulent as the small reptile he had for dinner the night before." – F. Scott Fitzgerald

5. “Lizards can’t pass through walls, but if we replace the L with a W, the goal might be attained.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson

6. "I always had an affinity for lizards. I've always felt somewhat close to them. They're reptiles. I find myself feeling somewhat reptilian at times." – Johnny Depp

7. "I love all animals. I have a fascination with fish, birds, whales - sentient life - insects, reptiles." – Nicolas Cage

8. "The lower animals are our brethren. I include among them the lion and the tiger. We do not know how to live with these carnivorous beasts and poisonous reptiles because of our ignorance." – Mahatma Gandhi

9. “I climb the door instead of a tree... Just to crawl with myself walking free... What if I’m a lizard beneath my skin... Changing my colours of the human I’ve been.” ― Munia Khan

10. "When the reptile is attacked at one mouth of his burrow, he shows himself at another." ― Henry David Thoreau

Two-headed Royal Python is pictured on ground at reptile and amphibian shop in Weigheim Two-headed Royal Python is pictured on ground at reptile and amphibian shop in Weigheim Photo: REUTERS/Michael Dalder